1.      Provides an ongoing, consistent place to connect with others.

2.      Group psychotherapy helps provide understanding, insight and acceptance of complex issues and  problems.

3.      Group re-creates familiar interactive environments; i.e., parental relationships, family, job, friendships.

4.      Group can provide knowledge, feedback and insight from up to seven different perspectives.

5.      It is difficult to "hide out" in group psychotherapy.

6.      Conflict and challenge are integral parts of group.

7.      Change can occur rapidly.

8.      Group psychotherapy is relatively affordable.

9.      Particular issues/problems lend themselves well to group:

                            Intimacy and Relationships                          Isolation

                            Communication                                          Depression

                            Learning About/Expressing Feelings            Self Esteem

                                 "Special" Issues, including Abuse, HIV, Coming Out


© 2006 Jamie Moran