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I have worked in the field of Mental Health and Health Care since 1984. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW, State of California, LCS 14447) and a Certified Group Psychotherapist (42559, through the American Group Psychotherapy Association). I have been in Private Practice in San Francisco since 1992 and in Menlo Park since 1996. My speciality focus has included work with gay and bisexual men and their families, group work, HIV/AIDS and other physical illnesses, homophobia, stress management, burnout, and grief and loss issues.

For many years, I worked in hospital, home care and hospice settings providing Social Work services, including crisis intervention, counseling focusing on death and dying issues, case management, and other general social work and psychothereupetic needs and concerns.

My past volunteer experience included individual and couples’ therapy at New Leaf (twelve years), Social Work Psychotherapy Providers (two years), Harvey Milk Institute (five years), and Alumnae Resources (four years).

Additionally, I have provided a number of trainings, inservices, workshops and presentations for lay audiences, hospitals, health care agencies and organizations throughout the country. A listing of these can be found under trainings. For the past nine years, I have participated on a panel of Trainers with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), providing HIV education for social workers on a national level, through a grant with NIMH.

My professional commitments have been with Gaylesta (the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Psychotheapist Association of the Bay Area) providing a variety of duties (twenty-eight years), and with the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA, Co-Chair of the LGBT Special Interest Group, 2004-2008).

Additionally, I belong to the following organizations: National Association of Social Workers (NASW), American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA), California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), Santa Clara Valley CAMFT (SCV-CAMFT), San Francisco CAMFT, East Bay CAMFT, Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society (NCGPS) and the Santa Clara County Psychological Association (SCCPA).

I currently serve on the Faculty of The Psychotherapy Institute's Group Therapy Training Program in Berkeley, CA. I am also on the Faculty of the American Group Psychotherapy Association's

Annual Conference, leading two day process groups in 2019 and 2020. In 2019, I began leading the Process Group for the San Mateo County Psychiatry Residency Training Program.


Exploring Household Clutter:  A Support Group

Foundations of Flirting for Gay and Bisexual Men  (9)

General Issues Men's Group (all sexual orientations) (1)

General Issues Psychotherapy Group for Gay and Bisexual Men  (7)

Group for MSW Supervision Hours

HIV Positive Support Issues  (7)

Staff Support  (5)

Stress Management for the "Worried Well"  (2)

Stress Management for People with AIDS


Workshops & Presentations

Advanced Issues in Gay Male Dating  (5)

The Art of Flirting  (2)

Clinical Issues and Counseling with Men who Have Sex with Men

Common Countertransference Factors for the Group Leader


Common Participant Roles and their Impact on Group Functioning

Coping Strategies in Working with People with AIDS

Creating Strategies for Coping with Grief and Loss

Culture, Ethnicity and the HIV Patient:  Psychosocial Issues for the Advanced Practitioner  (4)

Demystifying Group Therapy: What are the Benefits?

Disclosure Issues for HIV Positive Clients

Doing Groups

Ethical Issues, HIV/AIDS, and Social Work Practice  (3)

Exploring Grief and Loss in HIV Social Work:  How We Provide for Our
Clients and Ourselves  (2)

Exploring Homophobia:  An Experiential Workshop for Gays and Non-Gays

Exploring Value in Group Work with Gay and Bisexual Men

Flirting and Dating:  What Does it All Mean?

Flirting & Dating Issues for Gay/Bi Men in Recovery

Foundations of Flirting and Dating for Gay and Bisexual Men  (14)

Foundations of Flirting for Gay and Bisexual Men  (5)

Fundamentals of Group Therapy Facilitation: Practical Issues and Challenges


Gay Men in AIDS Social Work:  A Thematic Panel Discussion

Gay Men Resisting HIV Antibody Results Disclosure:  Psychosocial Issues

Groups for Behavior Change

Group as Community


Group Members Leaving


Group Guidelines for Participation and Agreements


Group FAQ's for Facilitators


A HIPPA Primer for Private Practitioners

Implementation of Effective Group Support for HIV Positives

If I'm So Wonderful, Why am I Still Single?  Relationship Issues for Lesbians and Gay Men

Introduction to Practical Issues in Gay Male Dating  (6)

Men Connecting Authentically

Mental Health and HIV/AIDS:  Social Work Practice Issues  (10)

Navigating Group Conflicts

An Overview of Stress Management  (2)

Practical Issues in Gay and Bisexual Male Dating  (5)

Practical Issues in Forming and Promoting Groups

Practice Issues in Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Clients

Providing Staff Support Groups for HIV Home Care Staff

Psychosocial Issues, Assessment and Treatment Interventions with Cluttering Behavior

Psychosocial Issues with Lesbian/Gay Clients:  An Interactive Discussion

Resolutions '90:  Implementing Safer Sex Practices

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas for AIDS Caregivers

Screening and Intake Questions for Support and Therapy Groups


Special Focus Populations and Group: Gender, Ethniciity, Sexual Orientation and others

Support Strategies for HIV Negatives

Taking Care of Our Own:   Staff Support Groups in AIDS Work  (2)

Therapy Potpourri:  Questions & Issues About Psychotherapy Practices Working Effectively with Singles in Psychotherapy


Community inservices

Advanced Topics in Caring for the Patient with HIV: Care for the Caregiver

Coping with HIV Negative Status:  Themes, Issues and Barriers

Cyber Sex Seminar for Gay Men

Cyber Sex 2000: M Seeking M

Effective Skills and Common Barriers in Everyday Communication

Flirting and Dating Skills for Gay Guys  (2)

Group Work:  Skills for Clinicians Good-bye to Clutter

Group Work with Gay and Bisexual Men

Healthy Communications:  Creating Foundations for Gay and Bisexual Men

Now What Do I Do?  Flirting and Dating Issues for HIV Positives  (2)

Psychosocial and Boundary Issues in HIV Volunteer Work

Psychosocial Issues and the Homebound HIV Patient  (3)

Psychosocial Issues and the Cancer Patient

Psychotherapists Building a Broader Rainbow:   Addressing Race in our Personal and Professional Lives

A Support Group for Aplastic Anemia Patients

What Inhibits Gay and Bisexual Men in Flirting and Relationships?  (3)

A Workshop on Clutter


Staff Inservices                                                              

Caregiving and Burnout in HIV Work  (4)

Community Resources for the HIV Patient and Family  (2)

Elder/Dependent Abuse:  Psychosocial, Legal and Identification Issues in the Emergency Department

Evaluation of Effectiveness of an HIV Positive Support Group

Group Leadership Skills and Challenges

HIV Testing Issues with Transfusion Recipients  (2)

Household Clutter:  Psychosocial Issues and Approaches to Treatment  (5)

An Overview of Psychosocial Issues with the HIV Patient  (3)

An Overview of Substance Use Issues with Research Study Participants  (3)

Psychosocial Issues with HIV Antibody Testing  (3)

Psychotherapy with the HIV Client

The Social Work Role in the Emergency Department   (2)

Staff Retreat:  Burnout, Grief and Loss Issues  (2)

Staff Retreat:  Burnout and Renewal  (3)

Staff Retreat:  General Issues  (4)

Staff Retreat:  Challenging Clients & Changes in the Work Setting

Staff Retreat:  Coping with Change and Growth  (2)

Staff Retreat:  Working as a Team through Difficult Times

Strategies for Working with Difficult Clients  (2)

Working with Male Gay Couples



AIDS Benefits Counselors, San Francisco

AIDS Services of Austin, Texas

ARIS, AIDS Resources, Information & Services of Santa Clara County

Adult Protective Services, City & County of San Francisco

Alabama State Department of Health, HIV Conference

American Society on Aging, Summer Series, San Francisco

Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, Annual Conference

Association of Oncology Social Work, Annual Conference, Tucson

Charles Schwab, Lesbian/Gay Employee's Association

Children's Hospital of San Francisco

City College Extension, San Francisco

Episcopal Community Services, San Francisco

Family Service Agency of San Mateo County

Gaylesta, the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Therapist Association of the Bay Area

Harvey Milk Institute, San Francisco

Health Connections AIDS Services, Campbell, California

Home Care Companions, San Francisco

International AIDS and Social Work Conference

International Social Work Conference

Jewish Family & Children's Services, San Francisco

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center, San Francisco

Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association of Southern California

Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford

Managed Health Network, Inc.

Marin AIDS Project, Marin County

McAuley Institute, San Francisco

Mendelsohn House/Ceatrice Polite Apartments, San Francisco

National Association of Social Workers Conference

National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter

National Association of Social Workers, Idaho Chapter

National Association of Social Workers, Kansas Chapter

National Association of Social Workers, Las Vegas Chapter

National Association of Social Workers, New Hampshire Chapter

National Association of Social Workers, Northern Regional Chapter, CA

National Association of Social Workers, Pennsylvania Chapter

National Association of Social Workers, Reno Chapter

National Association of Social Workers Symposium, Texas Chapter

National Association of Social Workers, Training of Trainers

National Association of Social Workers, Western Regional Conference

National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference, Atlanta

National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference, San Francisco

New Leaf, Services for Our Community, San Francisco

North of Market Senior Services, San Francisco

Older Women's League, San Francisco Chapter

Private Practice Seminar, Sarasota, Florida

Saint Anthony Foundation, Social Work Center, San Francisco

Saint Mary's Hospital, San Francisco

San Francisco Public Library, Friends for Life Program

San Francisco State University, BSW Group Work Class

San Luis Obispo County Health Agency, Project Man 2 Man

Santa Clara Department of Public Health

Santa Clara Valley Chapter, CAMFT

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Positive PACE Clinic

Stanford Health Services, Case Management Staff

Stanford Health Services, Center for Education

Stanford Health Services, Positive Care Clinic

Stanford Health Services, Social Work Staff

Stanford University Help Center

Stanford University Medical Center

Stanislaus County Mental Health, Modesto, California

Stop AIDS Project, San Francisco

Tri-City Health Center, Fremont, California

University of California, San Francisco, AIDS Health Project

University of California, San Francisco, AIDS Health Project, Reach Program

World Health Communications, San Francisco Site Presentation

YMCA, Presidio Branch, San Francisco


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